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Cluster activity has been an eye opener for us. It brought world class tools to our doorsteps, teaching us how to ‘re-look’ at processes, tools & techniques, etc... " Shrenik Mehta, CEO
Kaps Engineers,
CII – Vadodara Open Cluster II

The cluster program has been eye opening experience for me & my organization. Through cluster program we got the direction and vision to move forward. We gained lot of benefit from implementation of SMED and ultimately got the benefit in reduction in inventory to a great extent." Maninder Singh
MD, Perfect Industries
CII – Ludhiana Heterogeneous Cluster

To realize its vision, the CII – AVANTHA Centre for Competitiveness, Chandigarh has been working for providing consultancy to SMEs for various components of competitiveness like Energy Management, Quality Management, Cost Management, Human Resource Management, Corrosion Management, and e-Learning. Though the centre provides services to Individual companies also, the basic approach has been to form a cluster of SME’s and then helping them grow together with a “learning through sharing” attitude. The clusters could be sectoral, locational or OEM-vendor. The cluster approach aims at improving competitiveness in an associated group rather than in discreet companies. The approach takes the momentum of group-dynamics and deluge of multiplicity of ideas as an added advantage to succeed in the mission.

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Learning Through Sharing
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